Angel`s Care
Bereavement support for all, afefcted by the loss
Implementation of the bereavement support system in Ukraine for all affected by the death of the baby during pregnancy, birth or shortly after birth. For healthcare professionals - provision of information and training. For bereaved families - provision of continuous support. Due to the war, we couldn't continue operations as normal, and we broaden our focus.

From personal experience we know, how damaging loss can be to one`s life. But also, we know how healing support can be. Because of the war, we all experience multidimensional loss: of beloved, home, job, identity, the safe sky above the head, the peace, the ability to be close to our beloved ...
As an organisation, we are shifting our focus from supporting only bereaved families to a broader focus: helping Ukrainians heal the invisible wounds of psychological trauma caused by the war.

Angel`s Care in numbers
Angel`s Care is the only organization in Ukraine, that provides bereavement support for families, experiencing the loss of a baby and bereavement training for healthcare professionals. While in western societies support is available for over 40 years, we are challenging the post-soviet healthcare system and reforming it for the last 3 years in Ukraine.
Officially Registered since August 2019
We are an officially registered Nonforprofit organization in Ukraine. We started operations in December 2018 and were officially registered in August 2019
3275 healthcare professionals
received information or training on provision of bereavement support for families, who lost their child in pregnancy, bitrtth or shortly after birth
Over 1500 bereaved families
received continuous support from Angel`s Care on their grieving journeys: vis support groups, online programs and closed Facebook community.
2 maternity hospitals
in Ukraine, Ivano-Frankivs and Kharkiv regional maternity hospitals, already implemented bereavement support system and provide care for bereaved families.
Provision of support is possible thanks to individual donations
Who is behind the stage
Nataliya Senytsya
Taras Bondarenko
Founders of Angel`s Care.
We believe, that supporting families, experiencing perinatal loss is not a privilege, but a basic need. Parents, affected by the death of the baby should be treated with care, dignity, and love in maternity hospitals and during the whole grieving journey. Our goal is to make it possible in Ukraine!

As the war started, we realized, that Angel`s Care is pretty much the only organization in Ukraine that is providing bereavement support, and we shifted our mission to help Ukrainians to go through this enormous journey.
Iryna Sozanska
Svitlana Maksiuta
We were the first to provide support to bereaved families in Ukraine even at times when no one was talking about it. Since 2018 there are peer-to-peer bereavement support groups in Kyiv and we were the first to initiate annual perinatal loss awareness campaigns. We believe that together we can create a bereavement support system, available for everyone, who needs help in every Ukrainian city!
As the war started Iryna survived the occupation and lost her home, Svetlana had to evacuate her family from Kharkiv. On their personal experience, they realized, how damaging the war is for internal strength, and we want people to have support during this time.
Dariya Stoliarchuk
Daria`s mission was to work with Ukrainian hospitals on bereavement support system implementation, She managed to organize amazing training for healthcare professionals in Kharkiv Regional Maternity hospital. It became the second center in Ukraine, where the bereavement support system was implemented.
Due to the war Daria had to relocate and help her family to evacuate from Kharkiv, Now she is trying to support healthcare professionals, who stayed and work in Ukraine now.