Become a sponsor of peer-to-peer support groups and help us be the guiding light on somebody's darkest journey.
Join us in providing hope and healing to those who have experienced perinatal loss.
Angel's Care is an officially registered NGO in Ukraine.
We are the first and to date, the only organisation in Ukraine providing support to families who experienced a loss of a baby during pregnancy,
birth or in the first year of life
We also champion and facilitate healthcare workforce
upskill in this area.
Our Impact
In 2019 we established monthly support groups for families who experienced perinatal loss.
  • 111
    Support groups held
  • 551
    parents participated in the support groups
  • 11
    volunteers facilitated monthly groups
Angel's Care continue to operate in wartime.
Our support groups need your help.
Angel's care is seeking people who would like to become a sponsor of peer-to-peer support groups for bereaved families in Ukraine.
Your gift of only 65c a day for 1 year
will make a difference to the lives of bereaved parents.
In 2023 we are searching for 35 sponsors committed to give monthly.
How will
your gift help
$660 per month will allow Angel's Care to run 3 - 6 monthly support groups facilitated by our existing 11 volunteers, and co-ordinated by 2 part-time paid administrators and 1 paid communications manager, all from Ukraine.
Support groups monthly administrative cost breakdown
$330 2x part-time administrators' salary before tax:
- volunteer coordination and scheduling
- facilitation of briefing sessions for volunteers
- coordination of participants
- collection of participants' feedback
- technical setup and application forms creation
- technical support with Zoom
$190 communication manager salary before tax:
- monthly social media communication campaign
- content creation and online community management
$80 accounting and banking fees
$60 Zoom, SendPulse, mobile phone expenses
Angel's Care coordinators you are sponsoring.
  • Yulia Moiseienkova
    Support Groups Coordinator
    Yulia was volunteering for Angel's Care for 2 years, facilitating peer-to-peer support groups. This journey inspired her to become a psychologist, now she is studying online. Yulia is from Severodonetsk, her home was destroyed and she had to build new life in Poland, but did not give up her passion. We are honored to have Yulia as part of our team in the role of Support Groups Coordinator.
  • Iryna Sozanska
    Communication Manager, Support Groups Facilitator
    Iryna is with Angel's Care since 2020 and is supporting our community on a daily basis. Iryna is developing a stream of supporting pregnancies after loss and has a passion for communication. We are blessed to have Iryna as part of our time and honored to have her in the role of communication manager! Currently Iryna Manages our communication from UK, where she had to move with two of her kids after the war started and here home town is not safe anymore.
About Support Groups
Our amazing volunteers create a compassionate and safe space to meet the unique needs of those who have experienced a loss of a baby.
Each month we run three types of support groups:
Early loss support for families who have experienced a loss before 12 weeks of pregnancy.
Support groups for families who have experienced a loss after 12 weeks of pregnancy and loss of a newborn or infant up to the first year of life.
Rainbow support group for pregnancy after loss for women, who are planning pregnancy or are currently pregnant after loss.
Ways to Give
Fundraising is ongoing!
A list of our current Sponsors
(3 out of 35 required)

Mariya Popovchenko

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