Parents bereavement support
for healthcare professionals in Ukraine
Parents bereavement support for healthcare professionals in Ukraine
  • About 25% of pregnancies end up in a loss (WHO)

  • 13 babies die every day in Ukraine due to stillbirth or neonatal death

  • The exact amount of losses that occur before 22nd week of pregnancy is unknown
Perinatal loss causes complicated bereavement for those, affected, the same as suicide and death from AIDS. Grief journey in this case requires additional support. Some of the consequences could be:

  • Depression

  • Social isolation, withdraw from activities

  • Decrease in financial wellbeing

  • Adictions (drugs, alcohol, gambling)

  • Decrease in quality of other children care

  • Divorce

  • Psychological infertility

Other countries experience
In Australia, Great Britain, USA bereaved parents support systems are developing since 1978.

Support systems are available in many countries including Mexico, Russia and others.

There are many organisation worldwide working in this field: SANDS AU, SANDS UK, Light in Hands RU, Bears of Hope and many others.
Reality in Ukraine
There is no support system for bereaved parents in Ukraine:

  • Doctors don't know how to work with bereaved parents

  • In most cases Parents have no chance to meet and say goodbye to thier babies

  • Parents don't receive any information on coping with grief and options on receiving help

  • There are no online resources available for those affected by perinatal loss.
Our Aim
Introduce bereavement support system to Ukraine
30 volunteer trainers from
all over Ukraine
3000+ health care proffesionals
30+ perinatal centers from Ukraine
Steps to be taken
Workbook -
Already Done!
Supply of 450 employees of Ivano-Frankivsk maternity hospital with workbook with recommendations on how to work with bereaved parents
  • Training for all healthcare professionals
  • Support of hospital staff in implementation of support system during the 6 months after training
Supply of perinatal centers with information materials for parents, creation of the online resource for all affected by the loss.
Our company works according to the principle of individual approach to every client. This method lets us to get success in problems of all levels.
Our partners
This project was initiated by Rotary Club of
Ivano-Frankivsk and is supported by
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